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Five hotel jobs (mostly commercial) that will disappear in the next five years

⭕ (Director/Manager) Sales/Sales & Marketing

Why: Because the majority of business has moved online. Traditional DOS/Ms can only contribute 10-20% of (offline) business.

Indicators: Rather than DOS/Ms, more hotels are hiring well-rounded commercial leaders.

The way forward is to expand into the dynamic rate world, managing OTAs and bed banks while also bringing revenue management skills to the table. Alternately, specialize in MICE, corporate, series, and group business.

⭕ Revenue Management

Why: Revenue management systems are becoming more sophisticated and affordable. AI will even be able to address shocks caused by rapid trends or strategy changes.

Indicators: Global brands no longer employ this position at the property level. Clusters are also being used by more properties. Outsourcing has also started to creep in. 

The way forward is to learn digital marketing, social media, and CRM in order to become a more all-around commercial leader. Alternatively, learn how to manage multiple properties at the same time.

⭕ Public relations and communications

Why: Traditional media readership is at an all-time low and continues to fall.

Indicators: More hotels are instead hiring social media or marketing managers. Design and outsourcing options are becoming more intelligent and cost-effective.

The way forward: content is king. Start creating content and engaging your audience.

⭕ E-Commerce or E-Distribution

Why: More aggregation and automation implies that systems will be linked to a PMS. With RMS handling rates and market managers having less influence on OTA systems, E-Commerce and E-Distribution team members are left with only content.

Indicators: At many properties, it is already a secondary responsibility for revenue or commercial team members.

The way forward: To become more well-rounded, learn revenue management and other marketing skills. Alternately, improve your skills and capacity to manage multiple properties.

⭕ Reservations Agents

Why: Since more revenue is moving online and PMSes are becoming connected or have integrated channel management for reservation delivery, there is less need for people to physically enter bookings.

Indicators: Just look at the size of your reservation team in comparison to a few years ago.

The way forward is for reservation team members to enter into guest relations, social media, content creation, guest messaging, or larger commercial space.

This may appear to be a stretch. I could be mistaken. These positions may continue at 20% of properties. However, the main point here is to highlight how these jobs are changing dramatically as a result of technological advancements and changes in guest behavior. In five years, they may be unrecognizable.

Help your teams prepare for the shift.

Do you agree with any of the statements above? What additional jobs would you add to this list, and why?


  • Shireen Sheriff

    Quite true for most of the written words. But true Hospitality starts with Human Connections. And that is undisputed. Despite the channels being technological for reach, as a hospitality marketeer myself, i strongly belive, that human interaction is defintely required. End of the day when a guest experiences , it is in real. You cannot have a Chat bot answer their conerns without interactions.

    Secondly , i will say negotiations and ability to eveluate the best practices. Following trends is on one side , but creating trends , defintely human mind. And that is what Marketing and Communications comes into major role play. To understand the psychology of a user.

    What do you think Chetan ?

    • Chetan Patel

      The roles that are guest facing will always remain relevant even though the new generation seems to care less about such interactions. So, like others, there is a change in trend there.

      Yes, the roles related to data crunching, marketing, content are more relevant becase they need to connect with the target guests.

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