Best Social Media Managers
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What Characteristics do the Best Social Media Managers Share?

Social media is a very important way to get the brand's message out, connect with guests, and make sales. My team was in charge of setting the strategy and guidelines and hiring social media talent at the property level. Here's what the great ones do.

✅ They prioritize content above delivery channels. Data, such as demographics, trends, site analytics, and search, is a big part of how they decide what to post.

✅ They know the power of headlines, the first few seconds of a video, simple content that speaks to their audience, and calls to action.

✅ They understand how to divide content into four categories: destination, lifestyle, property/brand, and promotion.

✅ They recognize that their property's brand and unique selling points are at the heart of every post and interaction.

✅ They prioritize engagement above raw follower numbers.

✅ They work with the relevant influencers whose followers align with those of their hotel. They are more impressed by the quality of an influencer's content than by the number of followers they have.

✅ They engage other hotel team members to help them learn more about social media and come up with content.

✅ They stay current on ever-changing trends in social media platforms and their algorithms.

✅ They know how to leverage guests’ own content but will seek their permission before using it.

✅ They work well with the digital marketing team to boost content and use the audience for advertising. They put more weight on organic strategies and let the digital marketing team or agency handle paid advertising.

✅ They keep track of the engagement, leads, and revenue that social media brings in and compare them with the past to see where they can make improvements.

On social media, there is a lot of noise. Only the best know how to cut through it to get the message(signal) across. They also keep learning and fine-tuning their strategy.

What other items would you add to this list?

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