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Revenue Managers are from Mars, and Digital Marketing Managers from Venus

Here is a cheat sheet for revenue managers. This is what your digital marketing team or agency means when they talk. 

Prospecting 🟰 Demand generation
Impressions 🟰 Influencing
Website visits 🟰 Direct guests (potential)
Engagement 🟰 Tentative (guests)
Bounce rate 🟰 Wash
Booking funnel 🟰 Sales process (online)
Conversion rate 🟰 Pricing effectiveness
Conversion window 🟰 Lead time
CPA (Cost per acquisition) 🟰 Distribution cost
Geotargeting 🟰 POS (Point of Sale)

One way to learn something new is to find a way to link it to something you already know.

What would you like to add to this list?

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