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Don't post anything until you've answered these questions

Most hotels and businesses are preoccupied with what they want to sell and say. They scarcely pause to ask, "Is this what the customer wants?" If you do not answer the following questions before posting any content, you are doing it incorrectly. (website, social media, a blog, email, advertising, and a press release)

👉🏼 What issues or pain points are you addressing for your guests?

👉🏼 How does it express your brand and unique selling points?

👉🏼 Do you address them as individuals?

👉🏼 What would you think of the material if you were the guest?

👉🏼 What do you want the visitor to do after viewing the content?

The more questions you can confidently answer, the better your content will be.

Being guest centric entails incorporating your brand and value propositions into the emotions and wants of your guests.

Do you fully agree? What other questions should this list include?

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