Questions for hotel distribution manager
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GMs/Revenue leaders, here are some key questions to ask your Distribution/E-Commerce Manager.

Nowadays, most hotels generate 60-80% of their revenue through online channels. It is critical for all relevant team members to cover all bases.

➡️ What online channel grew the most in the last 30 days, and why?

➡️ What are our conversion rates on the top three OTAs, and what factors are driving their growth/decrease/stagnation?

➡️ What has been the most successful promotional campaign/offer in the last 30 days, and why?

➡️ What key trends have you noticed in the last three months, such as ADR changes, guest nationality movement, and channel shifts?

➡️ What do you want the Revenue Manager/Director to do to help you improve your numbers?

➡️ What assistance and resources do you need to improve our direct business?

➡️ How is the digital marketing team/agency assisting you in meeting your objectives?

➡️ What revenue do our CRM/Email marketing campaigns and loyalty program members generate online?

➡️ What conclusions have you drawn based on online reviews and guest questions from OTA extranet, social media, and Google Business Profile?

➡️ What are the three most difficult challenges you want to overcome in the next few weeks?

The responses should help you fine-tune support strategies that build a more sustainable online business.

What questions would you add to the list above?

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