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Digital Marketing Managers are from Venus, and Revenue Managers from Mars

Here is a cheat sheet for digital marketing managers. If you want to know what your revenue manager means, this is it.

Rate hurdle 🟰 Minimum order value

Group ceiling 🟰 Maximum order quantity (specific product)

Average daily rate (ADR) 🟰 Average order value

Average length of stay (ALOS) 🟰 Average quantity

Segments 🟰 Sell channel categories

Revenue per available room (RevPAR) 🟰 Average revenue (per store)

Total revenue per available room (TrevPAR) 🟰 Total revenue per (available store)

Gross operating profit per available room (GOP PAR) 🟰 Gross profit per (available store)

Net revenue per available room (NRevPAR)  🟰 Net profit per (available store)

Revenue generation index (RGI) 🟰 Market (click) share 

Market penetration index (MPI) 🟰 Market share ranking


How would you expand this list?

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