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What do the best E-Commerce/Distribution Managers have in common?

Over the last 15 years, I've had the pleasure of interviewing, training, and mentoring dozens of E-Commerce/Distribution Managers. The best of the best all had these qualities in common.

✅ They understand their annual targets and keep track of them by breaking them down into quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily objectives. 

✅ They raise issues such as pricing, conversion rates, parity, price difference with wholesale, and segment shift during revenue and other meetings. 

✅ Based on performance data, they constantly tweak their packages, offers, add-ons, and upsell items. 

✅ They keep in touch with the market managers of OTAs, but they also know what they can't do.

✅ They understand how algorithms affect page views, conversion rates, and rankings, and they adjust strategies as needed.

✅ They ensure that guest messaging and questions  from OTA extranets, Maps, and IM services are responded to as soon as possible by the appropriate teams.

✅ They understand how to use social media by leveraging organic content from social media managers and advertising from the digital marketing team.

✅ They provide market intelligence and data on guest behavior to the digital marketing team. 

✅ They keep the content online relevant, whether it's information, property images, or videos. 

✅ They work with the CRM/Loyalty team to secure EDM slots for their property and to participate in group campaigns. 

✅ They continuously look at the hotel website's Analytics/data to find ways to improve conversion compared to the last month, quarter, or year.

✅ They monitor hotel reviews online and notify their GM if they notice a negative trend.

Did I forget any qualities?

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