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Why do hotels make such a big deal out of one-day festivals and events?

One question I've had is why hotels feel the need to devote so much of their marketing budget, content space, and effort to single-day festivals or events. To be sure, they are a good way to promote yourself and catch the attention of some people. But ignoring all the other guests who need a place to stay for a long time before and after the event seems like a missed opportunity.

⭕ Consider Loy Kratong or Christmas (or add your own festival here). They get a lot of attention in marketing plans and are promoted weeks or months ahead of time.

⭕ Packages and offers compete with everything else for promotional space and advertising dollars.

⭕ What are the odds of catching the right guest who will be visiting the property for that one day?

⭕ What about the weeks and months ahead, and all the days that follow?

If you don't use segmentation, hyper-targeting, and performance management well, you may spend all of your marketing money on a single day instead of taking advantage of opportunities on adjacent days.

Think again.

Do you agree?


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