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The ten things I will never understand about hotel budget practices

Being in the digital transformation business, having an outsider perspective on the hospitality industry I serve has always helped me. That's why I don't understand the following.

πŸ€” Regardless of the opportunities or pitfalls in the coming year, the previous year remains a benchmark.

πŸ€” After the initial submission, owners or corporate/regional offices always want more revenue.

πŸ€” GMs are aware of this and will submit a version with a buffer built in for the next submission.

πŸ€” Dumping everything in the retail segment or high and peak season when there is pressure to achieve more.

πŸ€” OTA commission costs can go over budget, but digital marketing costs cannot.

πŸ€” Even though it can save on labor and other costs, the technology spending budget always lags behind.

πŸ€” Even if you meet your revenue targets, you cannot carry over any remaining or unspent funds to the following year.

πŸ€” Even though expenses are budgeted, many still require individual approval from the owner/CFO.

πŸ€” Hotels scramble to find projects and vendors to spend money on before the year ends.

πŸ€” When the new year begins, all of the strategy details outlined in the budget are forgotten, except for the topline and GOP.


What do you find strange about this process?

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